Person in phone booth calling lice clinics Medford

Frantic Late Night Lice Calls

Our services are available every single day, by appointment only. …
January 9, 2017/by LCAMedford
Close up Hair and Lice Clinics Medford contact information

Why Choose a Lice Clinic for Head Lice Treatment

It’s time to talk. So many changes have occurred related…
January 9, 2017/by LCAMedford
person floating upside down to represent seizures lice clinics medford

Worry About Seizures and Head Lice

Our clinic owners and AirAllé technicians find their way into…
January 9, 2017/by LCAMedford
mountains, water, start a business

You Can Start a Business

If you are reading this you are either actively starting your…
January 6, 2017/by LCAMedford
Black woman shaking finger NO

Do Black People Get Lice?

Throughout my years as a school nurse and my time in the hospitals,…
December 30, 2016/by LCAMedford
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Sharing is Caring : Telling Others to Beware of Lice

Sharing is Caring "Sharing" information about a recent lice…
December 30, 2016/by LCAMedford
Lice Life cycle photo

What Do Lice Look Like?

Finding lice can be difficult because many people have never…
December 21, 2016/by LCAMedford
Wrapped Gifts and stocking stuffer list

Stocking Stuffers for Hair Lovers

Stocking Stuffers When I think of all of the last minute items…
December 15, 2016/by LCAMedford
Air Alle treatments feel great

AirAllé Treatments Feel like Heaven

When people find out that there is such a thing as a lice…
December 15, 2016/by LCAMedford
Poem about finding lice during the holidays

The Louse Before Christmas

December 13, 2016/by LCAMedford
Lice Heart Clean Hair

Head Lice Love Clean Hair

So many people associate a head lice infestation with being unclean. …
December 8, 2016/by LCAMedford
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Why You Can’t Share Lice With Your Pets

Once you or your children are diagnosed with head lice, you will…
December 7, 2016/by LCAMedford
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